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370 brake tool better business report

Find Used Mercedes-Benz offers a very nice roadster of its own, the SL, this year celebrating its 50th anniversary. The roadster bodies are completely new, not cut-down versions of the SLR coupe bodies. Carbon-fiber reinforced plastic, or CFRP, is about five times stronger than steel in crush or crash situations, at about half the weight.

The one-piece body is then fitted with a huge V-shaped aluminum beam structure on each side that attaches to the front of the firewall to carry the engine, transmission, front suspension and steering.

The carbon 370 brake tool better business report fenders and hood complete the body. In front of all that, there is an elaborately constructed carbon fiber crash bar that can handle huge amounts of impact, after which its disposable cones crumble into dust as the impact progresses.

At the rear, there is an all-aluminum independent suspension system that looks like it was ripped directly out of a racing car.

370 brake tool better business report

No other car in the world is built quite like this one, and it is as beautiful underneath as it is brutish on the outside. The only major panels shared with the coupe are the scissor doors.

This does three things. It works very well for emissions, keeping the catalytic converters hot. It helps the engine breathe better at higher rpm. It eliminates a lot of pipes and mufflers under the car, which has a flat bottom for aerodynamic purity.

Oh, and four, it puts the sound of that V8 engine very close to the cockpit, where it can be appreciated. Read on to our Driving Impressions to see what we thought of all this. The roadster comes in one very complete trim level, as you would expect for just under half a million dollars.

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The standard navigation system is different from all other Mercedes-Benz systems, compact, but useful. Part of the ordering process for any SLR is a fitting trip to Woking, England, where the cars are built, to select your paint 13 colors and interior color, add your options, and be fitted for one of the four different bucket seat widths that are offered, from narrow to extra-wide.

Walkaround Just one look will tell anyone nearby that the SLR Roadster is something very special, a legitimate mph car. From that long, pointy nose and front spoiler to the side exhaust pipes, the functional hood vents and fender vents and the scissor doors, there are very few front-engine cars that carry with them this kind of visual impact, and two of those are the aforementioned SLR coupes.

The main differentiator is the tight-fitting, tightly designed convertible top. Once the latch is released and the button pushed, a second push of the button will automatically stow and hide the top in a mere 10 seconds.

Putting the top up is even easier than that. When the top is down, the decibels from the front fender-mounted exhaust pipes go way, way up, but that's part of the car's charm and part of what you're paying for in an exoticar like this one.

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The rear bodywork behind the convertible top well contains an automatic air brake that functions like the ones used on Mercedes-Benz race cars of the s, raising automatically to help slow the car and keep the rear end stable under hard braking.

The rear underbody of the roadster has a built-in undertray to control airflow and add high-speed stability as well.

Don't look for a lot of fancy polished wood or chrome inside the SLR, because there isn't any. This is a very sporty interior, mostly black, with brushed finishes on most of the metallic pieces that don't flare back into your eyes in bright sunlight with the top down.

Our silver test car had a black interior with a sort of terra cotta red accent trim, and it was all put together perfectly, with the accent on delivering necessary data to the driver as quickly and clearly as possible through two central instrument pods up high on the dash panel.

Although Mercedes-Benz quotes a mph kph time of only 3. Power delivery is very smooth and very linear, more like a turbine or a jet than a piston engine.

It's aided in its mission by a five-speed automatic transmission with three shift modes, Comfort, Sport and Manual, with Manual using either the floor shifter or steering-wheel-mounted paddles for manual shifting.

Within the Manual mode, there are three further choices for upshift and downshift speeds, Sport, Supersport and Race.

The way the engine and transmission mass have been centered and lowered in the chassis gives the SLR roadster a built-in willingness to turn left or right very quickly through the quick-ratio power steering system.


The race-quality double-arm front and rear suspension systems combine with the extremely stiff body and chassis to give the SLR beautiful pinpoint steering and handling in open-road situations.The tool screws onto the brake spring via the tip and gives you much better control went removing and replacing the springs.

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