An account of events during the infamous massacre at cholula

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An account of events during the infamous massacre at cholula

The son of a rural labourer, he rose to be a philosophy professor at the university of Salamanca, tutor-confessor to Prince Philip, bishop of Cartagenaand archbishop of Toledo 7 This would appear to be a reference to Philip's visit to the Netherlands inthe last time he was ever to leave the Iberian Peninsula 8 The Short Account was written in ; see Introduction, p.

The Spanish league legua was calculated as one twenty-fifth of a degree of latitude measured on the earth's surface, or about 2. OUP,2nd ed. On his death, see Las Casas, History of the Indies, book I, chapter 23 In 24 The term used by Las Casas for a loaf of bread hogaza normally referred at this time to the largest of loaves in common use, round in shape and weighing more than two pounds.

By this calculation, the Great Nugget would have weighed over three hundredweight but see Introduction, pp. According to his own account, Las Casas arrived in the Antilles in the same fleet; see Introduction, p.

Here, as throughout the Short Account, Las Casas refrains from identifying individuals by name see Introduction, p. For an exception see below, p.

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The total population of the islands when the Short Account was written did not exceed three hundred thousand. By the middle of the seventeeth century, the Arawak were virtually extinct.

Cambridge University Press,pp. The only dogs known to the indigenous inhabitants of the Antilles were the ancestors of the modern Chihuahua, very small and edible 36 See above, p.

Making war on Amerindians, said the great theologian Francisco de Vitoria, was like making war on the inhabitants of Seville; see Introduction, p. Both of these, however, were trading expeditions and neither had formal leave to settle. Kelly, Pedro de Alvarado, conquistador Princeton: Princeton University Press, ; reissue Washington, etc.: Orion Press,pp.

Carnegie Institute,pp. The chief mentioned here was Tecum Uman, later assassinated by Alvarado 78 Pedro de Alvarado took three of his brothers on the Guatemala expedition: Cambridge University Press, ; reprintedpp.

The first such body was established in Castile in the mid-fifteenth century. In the New World, the Audiencias had far greater authority than in mainland Spain and were intimately involved in the government of the colony in question. Duke University Press,p. It lasted from until and nearly destroyed the colony.Event.

Date. Global Population Statistics. The Spanish “Reconquest” of the Iberian peninsula ends in January with the conquest of Granada, the last city held by the Moors.

An account of events during the infamous massacre at cholula

[5] I w rite "murdered" because the Spaniards saw them flee into the jungle with wounds that were almost certainly mortal. The incident was one in which the Spaniards interpreted harmless native gestures incorrectly and attacked their hosts. Mexica Account of Cholula Massacre.

It was as if the earth moved, as if the earth quaked, as if everything was spinning before ones' eyes. There was wonder. [The rest of this chapter discusses what Cortés did after killing people in Cholula. He learned there were two roads to . One instance of this is the infamous massacre at Cholula.

It took place on the Spaniards' path to the Mexica capital, so before Spanish victory over the Aztecs. This massacre became well-known among other native communities, and can be interpreted as a use . It was also the site of the infamous Cholula Massacre, where the Spanish and their allies from Tlaxcala (which was a union of 4 city-states in a collective republic) and the city of Cempoala allegedly got wind of an ambush the Aztecs ordered the Cholulans to launch, and massacred much of the city's population during a religious ceremony.

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