Assignment mini pip

The term media is accepted as those agents that convey news, entertainment and information. First there were books, newspapers and magazines, and then came sound recordings, radios, films and television, now there is the internet and social media.

Assignment mini pip

Creating Movies [for the going beyond portion] Auditory Visualization [for the going beyond portion] Introduction: Computational Creativity The idea of this assignment is to create art using computation as an artistic medium.

As you saw in class, there are a ton of interesting ways to combine computation and art. In this assignment you will be exploring one particular means of using computers to generate images, and for the "going beyond" portion you will have the opportunity to extend your work by exploring topics such as computational generation of movies and real-time visualization of auditory signals.

At some point in your mathematical career you have probably seen a figure that looks like this: However, for more complex functions things start to get more interesting. Next, we bring in the idea of color. Instead of generating one random function, we generate three one for each of the color channels red, green, and blue.

Here are 3 figures representing randomly generated functions for each of the color channels. Computational creativity there are some deep philosophical issues behind whether this can be called creativity Here are some other examples taken from students who have done this assignment at Harvey Mudd: Install and test Python Imaging Library In order to get started on the assignment, you should fork the base repository for the computational art mini-project.

To do so, execute the following command at the Linux terminal: When you run the starter code, you should see several unit test failures from functions you will implement later, and it should save an image file named noise.

In the rest of the assignment, you will combine randomness with structure to produce more compelling images. Understanding the structure of the starter code and making your first image First, make sure you are familiar with the starter code and how it utilizes the PIL library to generate a simple image.

Functions for red, green, and blue channels - where the magic happens!The OpenKAPSARC platform provides free access to KAPSARC’s data and research tools, to advance the understanding of energy economics and environment policy.

Acknowledgments: this assignment has been adapted from Harvey Mudd Professor Chris Stone's assignment posted at the Stanford Nifty Assignments collection. this assignment has been adapted from Harvey Mudd Professor Chris Stone's assignment posted at the Stanford Nifty Assignments .

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Assignment mini pip

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Mini Project 2: Computational Art - Software Design Spring