Betlehem day care center case study

Sanitarian, Environmental Health Programs E-mail: She worked as their supervisor until Maywhen she became a part of the team here at Bethlehem Health Bureau. Here at BHB, Beth conducts various aspects of sanitary inspections of licensed food facilities in our city.

Betlehem day care center case study

Head of Committee and Principle Supervisor: Christa Reicher Principle Supervisor: Christa Reicher, who curated my research from the very beginning, help shaping the research idea, guide writing the research proposal, carefully watching my research progress, and taking care of whatever needed to enable the perfect working environment.

I wholeheartedly thank her for the continuous support and advice; without her this research would never has been accomplished.

Michael Wegener, who provided the cogent advice needed to better anchor and ground my research through his critical reviews of my earlier manuscript, and through the living discussion that we had together during the many held consultation meetings. His astute and prudent way of thinking has positively impacted me in so many ways, and this will definitely stay forever with me.

Also, I would like to acknowledge Dr. Lubna Shaheen, who first nominated and supported me to pursue my doctoral research at the Faculty of Spatial Planning in TU-Dortmund University, and as well she has co-supervised my research and provided valuable insights. I have had the pleasure to work with engaged and enthusiastic fellow researchers and colleagues, who have helped me so ably to hone my research interest to better plan for the future of Palestine within the prevailing geo-political context.

Among whom several need to be acknowledged. Jad Isaac, Director General of the Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem ARIJwhere he provided all the support needed to spend fruitful three-months of a research internship within the ambit of my doctoral research.

Isaa Zboun and one of its cartographers, Mr. Elia Khalilieh, for their technical contribution and assistance in producing the maps and checking many of the secondary calculations provided in this dissertation. It bears mentioning that the bulk of the maps used in this dissertation have been prepared at the bequest of ARIJ and designed by its cartographers based on the author s specific request, nevertheless the maps do not necessarily reflect ARIJ s views.

Likewise, I would like to acknowledge the planning experts and decision-makers from the policy community of Bethlehem who have cooperated with me during my field work visits.

I would like to thank all the colleagues at the Department of Urban Design and Land Use Planning for making my PhD journey such a memorable and pleasant one.

Betlehem day care center case study

A special thank you goes to Dr. Claudia Becker, and Ms. Ilka Mecklenbrauck for their help in translating the abstract of this dissertation into German language.

IV 6 Abstract Planning for sustainable spatial development is challenging due to the many pertained uncertainties and the multi-disciplinary nature of the affecting causes.


This is more problematic in the inextricably volatile geo-political context of Bethlehem in the West Bank that circumscribes Palestinian spatial planning policy in many ways since it is afflicted by a prolonged military occupation, as well as a weakened planning capacity to manage the limited natural resources.

Tellingly, the Western definition to sustainability in terms of spatial development is indeed problematic to such an evolved context, especially under the ongoing Palestinian flagship project of ending the occupation and building the statehood.

Smart Growth that is a term in vogue as a progeny of sustainability in the Palestinian planning vocabulary is assessed and debunked to show that such readymade recipes would only pay a lip service to sustainable spatial development at the local level.

In more concrete terms, the empirical-oriented objectives of this doctoral research include assessing the presentday situation and the future impact of the status quo of spatial development and planning on the limited Palestinian natural resources; and developing scenarios for sustainable spatial development and planning, in order to adapt not subject to the prevailing geo-political context.

As per the theoreticaloriented objectives they include additions to the palette of theoretical discourses that advocates to realizing sustainability as a right-based approach, along to the hitherto articulated need-based approach especially in the turmoil geo-political context that spawns present Palestine; and proposing an expertconsulting model for decision support that is theoretically informed, and practice relevant within a context unequivocally perceived with complexity.

All of all, this would contribute in the improvement of the state of spatial order in present Palestine, by devising strategies and designated policies towards sustainability in such a geo-political context.

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Methodologically, this doctoral research deploys a mixed research methods of quantitative and qualitative approaches, and musters data from two sets: The primary data are extracted mainly from direct field observations from the case study environment of Bethlehem and its environs and from a series of semi-structured interviews conducted with Palestinian planning experts, academia, and decision-makers from the policy community of Bethlehem.

Accordingly, the acquired data are triangulated, and all filtered to feed the discussion organized in focus group format with key informants and decision makers to draw more data of primary importance to the theme of research.

Concurrently, the secondary data are built through deliberations on the available data sources in the forms of archived research, published documents by state and non-state actors, including municipal and civil society, along with mapping interpretations using Geographic Information System.

The expected outcome of this doctoral research promises to address interlinked knowledge gaps. In the context of complex geo-politics and an emergent statehood: V 7 It bears repeating that geo-politics basically prevents Palestinian cities from wittingly adopting SPSSs that satisfy the needs of the present without compromising the future aspirations and rights.

As such, the intellectual merit of this doctoral research is manifested in placing the critical issue of the geo-political role of the city and its spatial planning policies in the forefront of research in contemporary cities of imbalanced power relations, where planning process must stay abreast of wrenching changes on the ground that loom large.

It is envisaged that the findings of this doctoral research will have a far-reaching impact on the planning policies of the Palestinian government towards conceiving the Palestinian statehood and realizing it as a fact on the ground.

Dies wird besonders problematisch, wenn man den unentwirrbaren und instabilen geopolitischen Kontext in Betracht zieht, in dem die Stadt und Region Bethlehem in der Westbank zu verorten ist.

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Unter den Bedingungen des geopolitischen Komplexes und eines sich entwickelnden Staates werden folgende Forschungsfragen aufgeworfen: Among the attendances was Prof. Patsy Healey, to whom I am enamored of her writings.

In a side talk with her, she cautiously advised me to keep my doctoral research in close engagement to the context. To position myself within the context of research it is quite important to refer to the fact that Palestinian spatial planners, at the outset would confront with two extreme standpoints about the geo-political settings in the context of Palestine.

The first is seen as a geo-political credulousness or gullibility that is touted as geo-political realism, where no resolution to the conflict could ever eventuate. This standpoint by and large is part of a political philosophy harkening back to old colonial history, and thus would ultimately squander opportunities.Posts Tagged ‘day care’ an early childhood and preschool learning center, had a Grand Opening of its expansion in Bethlehem Township on Saturday, being on time and attending school every day.

The Goddard School located in Bethlehem offers a year-round program for children from six weeks to six-years-old. Children are encouraged to. Spatial Planning Strategies Towards Sustainability in the Geo-Political Context of Present Palestine The Case of Bethlehem Dissertation Submitted By: Ahmad El-Atrash To the Faculty of Spatial Planning.

Case Study One: Family Child Care Home Expansion Case Study. Case Study Two: Child Care Center with Affordable Housing (NEW) CASE STUDY ONE: EXPANSION OF A FAMILY CHILD CARE BUSINESS.

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DECIDING TO EXPAND: Sophia began her small family child care business (licensed for up to 8 children) in Her business is . The Betlehem Day Care Center Foundation Inc. BDCCFI) was established in White Road, Inayawan, Cebu City, Philippines with its core purpose to continually provide for the center.

B. Serious Problems 1. József Betlehem of University of Pécs, Pécs (PTE) with expertise in: Allied Health Science, Disaster Medicine and Emergency Medical Care. Read publications, and contact József Betlehem on. Betlehem Day Care Center Case Study.

Topics: Day care, Day Care Center vs. Nanny There are many parents who are looking for someone who takes care of their children while they are away.

Their option will be a day care center or nanny. If you are one of those parents, I want to persuade you not to choose quickly because they are not the same.

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