Compare and contras dear john and

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Compare and contras dear john and

These same Nicaraguans were in most cases working for the CIA. Don't kid yourself, the global elite control the drug trade. The CIA is just a conduit for them to do it. From what I have read the illegal drug trade is the second l Gary Webb proves that at the very least the US government at the highest levels knew about and protected Contra connected Nicaraguans who were smuggling MASSIVE amounts of cocaine into America and more or less created and caused the crack cocaine epidemic in the 's.

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From what I have read the illegal drug trade is the second largest industry in the world so why should it be any surprise? Whats covered in Dark Alliance is just one of their many operations along these lines.

Do some research about Mena, Arkansas and Barry Seal. Read the book Dope Inc.

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Read Celerino Castillo's book. Do you think its a coincidence that once the American military removed the Taliban from Afghanistan and installed a puppet government that Heroin use has went to all time highs?

One of the main reasons new world order military forces were in the Balkans murdering Serbians was because they want to control that area because its a big drug pipeline for smuggling Heroin and Hash into Europe from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

A drug lord that totally controlled a whole region of Cambodia admitted on videotape that Compare and contras dear john and CIA was who he was doing his business with.

I mean what do you need to hear to know the United States government is a criminal enterprise!?!? Murders made to look like "suicides" are trademarks of the CIA.

Webb was sniffing around and exposing a lot of dangerous people, from Crips and Bloods, to Columbian drug lords, to the highest level of the US government so it shouldn't be that surprising that he turned up dead under mysterious circumstances.

Although we will most likely never know for sure who murdered him most likely it was the cia don't believe for one second that this guy commited suicide. There's another piece to the portrait, the drug running and the turned, and sometimes supportive head of the CIA, DEA, and Reagan Administration to fund the Contras, a right-wing guerilla group.

The funding was done by the trade of drugs for arms. Cocaine poured into this country unlike anytime before and it was largely due to an secret When you hear of the Iran-Contra scandal you mostly think of the hostage crisis that happened in Tehran, Iran which was seen as another case of blowback by many.

Cocaine poured into this country unlike anytime before and it was largely due to an secret agenda and the negligence of the U. One of results was the destruction of poor, black communities, and the rise of gangs in South Central L. Gary Webb's tome is magnificent.

There's so much data packed in here that I was only able to read certain parts of the book in spacious intervals. It doesn't take very long to be convinced that Gary is not just another journalist, with achieving more than 30 journalistic awards including a Pulitzer Prize, it's hard not to take this guy seriously.

Take a glance at his Wiki page. Despite all that, Gary has the code for truth-telling structured in his DNA, unlike many other journalists, as examples can be found in the book. In fact, the readability of the book suffers a bit from what seems to have been a fear that if he didn't include absolutely every bit of evidence he had unearthed, he would open himself up to new criticisms of inadequate reporting" There's a good, popular documentary that touches on the Gary Webb story, it's titled "American Drug War: The Last White Hope".

It provides a concise introduction to Gary's work, the issues surrounding him, his death, and the country. A quote from Gary at the beginning sets the tone: In this case, it is undeniable that a wildly successful conspiracy to import cocaine existed for many years, and that innumerable American citizens--most of them poor and black--paid an enormous price as a result.

This book was written for them, so that they may know upon what altars their communities were sacrificed. Other things you will learn: Details about cocaine and crack-cocaine production 2. Government studies on the safety of cocaine.

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Much more safe than I expected 3. The story of the infamous drug dealer Ricky Ross a. That the result of the drug trafficking helped destroy the black communities in L. The hypocrisy of Reagan's "War on Drugs" 7. Journalism, you'll learn a little about the business, and get some insight of what it's like to deal with editors by living vicariously.

Gary documents himself very well and puts you in his shoes, almost seems 1st person at times. Parts of the book, albeit, a small portion, read like a story due to the all the documented dialogue in conversation and interviews.Dear John comparison -- Book to movie.

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Comments Compare And Contrast Dear John the movie and the book. Copy of Dear John. More prezis by author Popular presentations. See more popular or the latest.

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Compare and contras dear john and

I've seen plenty of people comparing writer/director Justin Simien's debut film Dear White People with John Singleton's campus drama Higher Learning. I can definitely see the similarities but I also think that's something of a reductive comparison. Dear John By: Alisha Wallace ENG Introduction to Film (GSKD) Instructor: Dwight Paulsen 01/18/ Dear John is an endemic and heartbreaking story, which has a fiction story based on nonfiction events.

This is a love story written by Nicholas Sparks. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Background and context. Capital punishment is the execution of a person by the state as punishment for a crime. The word "capital" comes from the Latin word "capitalis", which means "regarding the head". At one point and time capital crimes where punished by severing the head.