Drama essays woman black

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Drama essays woman black

Book synopsis[ edit ] The book follows the story of Arthur Kipps, a junior solicitoras he journeys to the small market town of Crythin Gifford to attend the funeral of a client, Mrs Alice Drablow.

At the funeral, he sees a young woman with a wasted face, dressed all in black, standing in the churchyard. Bemused by the villagers' reluctance to speak of the woman in black, Arthur goes to Eel Marsh House, Mrs.

Drablow's former abode, an old building in the middle of a marshwhich is cut off from the mainland at high tide. Sorting through Mrs Drablow's papers, he finds a box of letters, and ultimately discovers the dreadful secret of the Woman in Black — to his own terrible cost.

Plot summary[ edit ] The plot remains faithful to Hill's book, but adds an extra dimension of a play within a play. Act I[ edit ] The play opens in an empty Victorian theatre, where an old Arthur Kipps is reading aloud from a manuscript of his story.

A young actor whom he hired to help dramatise the story, enters and criticises him for his poor delivery. After an argument, they agree to perform the story, with the Actor playing a younger Kipps, and Kipps himself playing all the other characters and narrating the play.

When they run through the Drama essays woman black, however, things begin to go terribly wrong. Young Kipps learns of the death of the elderly and reclusive widow Mrs Drablow.

He travels to Crythin Gifford to sort through her private papers. On the train, he meets a local landownerMr Samuel Daily, who tells him a little about Mrs Drablow. Upon their arrival at Crythin, Mr Daily drops off Arthur at the local inn where he is to stay the night. The next morning, young Arthur meets with a local man enlisted to help him, Mr Horatio Jerome.

At first feeling sorry for the young woman, who was apparently suffering from some dreadful wasting disease, he asks Mr Jerome who she is. Mr Jerome is visibly terrified and hurries Arthur away from the church, insisting that there was no woman.

After their return to the inn, Mr Jerome recovers somewhat, and says that a local man will arrive presently to escort Arthur to Mrs Drablow's house. The local man, a villager named Keckwick, arrives a few moments later. To Arthur's delight, Keckwick drives Arthur in an old-fashioned pony and trap out to the house.

Arthur spends the day sorting through Mrs Drablow's papers, and is amazed to find out how many there are. He also finds an old cemetery outside the house, where he again encounters the Woman in Black.

Later that day, a thick fog settles on the marsh, cutting Arthur off from the mainland. He tries to return across the causeway on foot in the fog, but quickly becomes lost and is forced to retrace his steps to Eel Marsh House.

Before he gets there, he hears the sound of a pony and trap on the causeway. Assuming that it is Keckwick returning, he turns back into the fog.

It soon becomes apparent that the pony and trap are in trouble, and he hears it drive off the causeway onto the marsh. Arthur listens helplessly as the pony and trap get stuck in the mire and its occupants, including a young child, are drowned.

Arthur returns to the house in a state of shock. Whilst he is exploring the house, he discovers a locked door. Due to his emotional state, he becomes distressed when he is unable to open it. He is surprised when Keckwick returns a few hours later. Act I ends with a monologue from old Arthur in which he explains that he is sure, although he does not know how, that the sounds he heard were from neither Keckwick nor any living thing, but from things that are dead.

Mr Jerome becomes profoundly terrified, and insists that nobody in the village would willingly accompany him to the house. Arthur later meets Sam Daily and tells him of his experiences. Sam is concerned and invites Arthur to his house, where he gives Arthur his dog, Spider, as a companion.

The dog, though real within the plot, is imaginary and is not portrayed by either actor. Returning to Eel Marsh House, Arthur finds that the locked room is a child's nurseryabandoned but in perfect condition. Later that night, he hears a knocking sound in the nursery. He and Spider investigate.

The nursery has been ransacked, and in one of the play's most iconic scenes,[ opinion ] Arthur sees an empty rocking chair rocking back and forth as if somebody had just left it.

Arthur fearfully returns to his bedroom. The next day Arthur finds correspondence from almost sixty years ago, between Mrs Drablow and a mysterious woman who is apparently her sister. The woman, Jennet Humfrye, unmarried and with child, was sent away by her family.

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JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. The Woman in Black is a stage play, adapted by Stephen Mallatratt. The play is based on the book of the same name, which was written in by Susan Hill.

The venue for the woman in black was the fortune theatre in London and we went there on the 1st of November Drama - Evaluation of The Woman In Black My Account.

Evaluation of The Woman In Black Essay and the limitation is more clearly [tags: Ministers Black Veil Essays] Better Essays words ( pages - Comparing the Ways in Which Susan Hill and Thomas Hardy Present the Woman in Black and the Withered Arm Both the Woman in .

'Woman in Black'- drama coursework We were absolutely petrified, and could not think about anything else, but to get as far away as possible. The main explorative strategy that went on was narration, which is when a character talks and tell the story to the audience, and what certain characters are about to do.

Drama essays woman black

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