Effects of marijuana on the brain essay

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Effects of marijuana on the brain essay

The plant as a whole has many different uses from medicinal, to recreational, to industrial. Many myths and unknowns still exist around this plant despite many years of extensive testing, especially regarding the health and mental aspects of the plants usage.

The Effects of Marijuana on the Brain - Essay

According to research, smoking cannabis is healthier than smoking tobacco, and the mental affects are relatively harmless and temporary. On the health side of the spectrum, marijuana has constantly been compared against tobacco.

Approximately twenty years ago the United States Government did extensive research on the two plants in comparison to one another. However, those studies blatantly favored tobacco in the way that they were conducted in order to dampen the consumption of cannabis.

In addition, it was not considered that: In fact, it has been proven that marijuana actually dilates the air passages in the lungs, not constricts them. This is the reason many asthma sufferers turn to cannabis, to give them relief from attacks.

Smokers of cannabis have been shown in some cases to actually outlive nonsmokers by up to two years. Medium to heavy cigarette smokers can live seven to ten years longer simply by smoking cannabis. The active ingredient in marijuana is delta-9 THC tetra-hydra-cannabinol.

Nicotine is nowhere to be found in cannabis so therefore it is not addictive.

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It used to be believed that THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, was the cause of some brain and genetic damage. Those studies were done biasedly, however, and all have been disproved.

Along with the potential effects on the human body, the government and people in general are also concerned with the effects cannabis has on the human brain. The question is, is damage done to the brain? If so how extreme is it and is it permanent?

Already included in the opiate family were drugs such as heroine and morphine. However, these beliefs happen to be false. These findings, and the discovery of a THC receptor site, are what helped to inspire more research geared away from marijuana being dope.

Lab rats have been known to willingly go without food or undergo electric shock just to press a button, which activated dopamine production in the brain Myers Drugs that are known to be highly addictive, such as heroine and cocaine, seriously alter the brains use of this powerful neurotransmitter, which is what causes the body to be highly dependant and to constantly crave those drugs.

Research has found that cannabis does not alter the brains functioning in this way and therefore should not be classified with such narcotics that do Gettman Previous research during the s concluded that the smoking of marijuana killed brain cells; however, recently other scientists and new studies have proven otherwise.

It is a known fact however that marijuana use alters perception, concentration, and also hinders reaction times Mendelson This occurs because cannabis can inhibit acetylcholine from being released.

ACH, as it is otherwise known, helps to relay signals from brain cell to brain cell Mendelson However the longevity, or even potential permanence of these side affects is unknown.

Marijuana has also been linked to amotivational syndrome. This is when a user loses concern about future events, lacks ambition, diminished physical activity, and neglects his or herself. Research findings on this side effect of the drug are contradictory however.

In some cases it has been shown to cause birth defects and to harm the human brain and body National While in other cases marijuana has been shown to be a beneficial medical tool in aiding cancer patients, AIDS sufferers, and people with glaucoma Dudley In order to obtain a proper perspective and opinion on the situation one must weed out the propaganda from both sides of the spectrum and think for his or herself.

The debate on the mental and physical effects of cannabis has been, and will continue to be a long and hard fought battle for years to come. Marijuana and the Brain. Its Effects on the Mind and Body. National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Choose Type of service.Changing economic and demographic outcomes are unlikely to be significant effects of marijuana legalization, simply because marijuana is a small part of the overall economy.

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Effects of marijuana on the brain essay

This paper aims at analyzing the effects of marijuana on visual spatial memory, attention and decision making of a person. T o understand better how marijuana affects memory attention and decision making of an individual, it is important to understand how the brain works.

The Effects of Marijuana Essay - Marijuana affects the whole body and one of the parts of the body that is affected by marijuana greatly is the human brain. Marijuana contains a lot of chemicals which contribute and are the cause of why it affects the body. Since the debut of Marijuana to the American Public there has been an unsolved argument as to whether the said drug renders positive or negative effects on its users.

Effects of marijuana on the brain essay

This paper shall supply the statements and groundss provided by each side ; and shall choose to take the base that marihuana is a harmful drug [ ]. How Marijuana Affects the Body and Brain Natasha Tracy Marijuana is a psychoactive drug, a preparation of the leaves and flowers of the cannabis (cannabis sativa) grupobittia.comana affects the brain .

The Effects of Marijuana on the Brain - Research Paper