Entry 1

Corrections were not made to what candidates submitted. Because these excerpts were taken from a variety of candidates, they reflect a variety of writing styles and modes of presentation. No matter the style of writing, however, most important is how well the evidence addresses the guiding prompts and the rubric specific to each entry. These examples are not templates for successful submissions.

Entry 1

There is ambiguous ambient noise such as might be picked up by a microphone in a quiet room. After viewing a couple of tapes and finding nothing of unusual, I came across a clip that doesn't fit with the others From what I can tell, the following footage takes place inside Alex's House, not the set for Marble Hornets The Audio has been removed.

Either the microphone was disabled at the time, or it was taken out afterwards. It Entry 1 upward until it almost reaches halfway. The black is apparently footage inside a very dark room. Outside the window, the white railing of a deck can be seen.

The camera pans slowly over the deck, to the right.

Character Spotlight:

The figure appears to be male, and is wearing a black suit. He is very pale, and no facial features can be discerned. The camera pauses on this figure. The camera immediately moves away, and black overtakes the screen.

This was the only thing that was out of the ordinary on this particular tape. After seeing this clip, I'll keep an eye out for occurrances similar to this one in the future. He already appears jumpy of the figure, and is already filming himself at home, implying that this clip happens after Entry 12 and possibly even after Entry There is white noise in the video, though Jay has said there was no audio in the clip proper.

It is possible that the audio from this video may have been the audio found in the Totheark regardsthough the timing would be offset to slightly after where Alex goes and turns off the lamp. Why he was expecting a visit from the Slender Man at his home is unknown, but this may have been the result of an earlier unfilmed?

The Slender Man appears to have no facial features, lacking eyes, ears, a nose, or a mouth.

Entry 1

Slow the video down and look carefully at the lawn between 29 and 31 seconds. You can clearly see the shadow of osmeone holding a video camera standing there, filming the Operator. When the camera swings towards the Operator, the shadow moves to point the camera at Alex.

If this is correct, it throws everything into a completely different light. It also means that someone, presumably TTA, has this film.

Could someone with more time than me please go through the TTA videos and see if they can find any audio or better still, visual, that could go with this video. SIR, have you considered it might be a reflection in the glass? Just saying, I might be wrong. Is this another difference between Slender and TO?

TO seems to be able to move, however, all references to Slender state that he cannot "move", at least not while being observed.Character Spotlight: The character that will be first featured is Clarisse McCellan.

Judging by her actions and how Guy, the protagonist, describes her, we readers can see that Clarisse is different in comparison to all the other characters inside the dystopian plot. FEATURES. Simple installation and setup; Back lit for easy visibility; Easy access (up to caller ID numbers) Up to (4 digit) entry PIN codes.

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Canadian immigration lawyer focused on Canada DUI entry from USA. We offer free comprehensive consultations (unlike most companies who demand a retainer before assessing your options). At this point, Alex probably has already encountered the Slender Man before (possibly in Entry #5, but certainly in Entry #12, then in Entry #7, & again in Entry #4), & is afraid of him/it.

ProTeach Portfolio Library of Examples — Entry 1, Professional Growth and Contributions. The Library of Examples is a collection of excerpts taken from actual ProTeach Portfolio candidate submissions.

Corrections were not made to what candidates submitted.

Entry 1

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