Expository writing planning sheet

October 21, 34 Comments My class has officially started their expository writing pieces. This is very new to them, so we are taking it slowly.

Expository writing planning sheet

Grammar Assessment Lesson Objective SWBAT define expository writing and list the steps to compose an expository report; write an expository paragraph together. Lesson Plan Have students recall definitions for other writing genres. Who remembers what a narrative is?

What about a descriptive paragraph? Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what it is? I could write an expository paragraph about frogs, about September 11, about MLK.

Introduction to New Material: Have students take out expository writing notes handout and let them fill in the blanks as you offer the information. It is based on a series of facts from a variety of resources. You may have to eliminate some of the details.

Craft a topic sentence that states that connection or main idea. Teacher models how to take main idea notes in the margins.

Expository writing planning sheet

Teacher and students continue reading the article and taking notes. She writes it on the expository lines handout. Take out your expository lines handout and write this for your first interesting detail.

Is there something they all have in common? Students and teacher compose a topic sentence based on that connection. The topic sentence might read: Christopher Paul Curtis has always had a passion for writing.

Teacher asks students to eliminate details that do NOT contribute to that main idea. Teacher might have students pull out more details from article, if needed. Students then number the details.

Expository writing planning sheet

Teacher discusses how this order may be chronological or order of importance. Students then begin drafting on a sheet of notebook paper.This Expository Writing Interactive Notebook includes 15 lessons to teach expository writing.

Each lesson includes step-by-step instructions for the teacher, description of hands- on activities, templates of foldables, and examples of the finished student products. Expository writing worksheets and printables learning to write, expository writing lesson plans and rubrics. Forms of writing, writing genres, writing prompts.

Expository writing is writing to explain, inform, give information or to describe something. Leave me your email address and I’ll send you the planning sheet! Thanks for stopping by! Reply. Debbie Love your blog!

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Thanks for everything! Quick question do you use prompts for the expository kernel writing like you do in with the narrative? see my blog post titled, “Expository Writing: Gretchen Bernabei Style,” to see our.

Essay Planning Worksheet Working TITLE: If you are writing a long paper, GO ON TO THE BACK SIDE OF THIS WORKSHEET (page 2) Page 2 of Expository Essay Worksheet: Use with longer reports, or when you need extra space. RECORD DETAILS FOR YOUR BODY PARAGRAPHS HERE.

Here is a collection of our printable worksheets for topic Planning, Revising, and Editing of chapter Production and Distribution in section Writing.. A brief description of the worksheets is on each of the worksheet widgets.

Click on the images to view, download, or print them. Component Prewrites to generate ideas and plan writing. Grade 3 Applies at least one strategy for generating ideas and planning writing.

Grades 7 and 8 Analyzes and selects effective strategies for for Expository Writing Definition Characteristics Reasons.

Informative, Expository Writing Prompts