Justification for using a corporate business

The process of records retention ensures that records are kept as long, as legally and operationally required, and that obsolete records are disposed of in a systematic and controlled manner. A legally compliant records retention schedule allows an organization to be compliant, manage intellectual property, control the costs of information storage, locate and retrieve documents for legal discovery, and dispose of records at the end of their business life. The records retention schedule captures all of the types of records created and used by a company in the course of its business and indicates how long these records are required to be retained.

Justification for using a corporate business

How to Write a Business Justification by Mackenzie Maxwell - Updated November 21, Any time a business goes through major changes, a business justification can help the leaders set the appropriate course of action. You may need this document, which is also called a business case, if you are just starting a business, expanding into new territory or changing your company structure.

Justification for using a corporate business

Furthermore, you will often need these any time your business applies for funding from investors or lenders. To make this document as useful as possible, make sure to learn to write it correctly.

It can be a global problem, like companies that create alternative energy or make allergen-free foods.

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However, solving local or relatively small problems can be just as convincing for this purpose. For example, a rural grocery store may realize that the community has no coffee shop.

If such a store wanted to get a loan to install a cafe in the store, the leaders may say that they will solve this issue in the town. Depending on what you will use your business case for and how obvious the issue is, the length of this section will vary.

If you need this document for your own decision-making process and the need you solve is exceedingly obvious, you may just start with a paragraph on the need you fill. However, if you need plenty of funding or the issue is complicated, you should consider adding research and charts.

List the Alternatives Once you have convinced the reader that there's a problem to solve, you can show that you have considered all the possible ways of solving it. In some business justifications, it's appropriate to show that you are open to the options on this list. Consider a local restaurant with owners who want to expand into a franchise.

They may list alternative locations throughout the surrounding cities. To help shareholders, lenders or themselves make the decision, the writer may also list advantages, problems, research and notes on each possible new site.

Video of the Day Brought to you by Techwalla Brought to you by Techwalla List the Positive Possible Outcomes In the next section of the business case, identify as many advantages to your plan as you can.

These positives should include any monetary gain or savings. However, you do not have to limit yourself to the numbers. Think about a business that wants to expand their marketing strategy. The first advantage may be increased brand awareness.

Justification For Using A Corporate Business Structure Essays: Over , Justification For Using A Corporate Business Structure Essays, Justification For Using A Corporate Business Structure Term Papers, Justification For Using A Corporate Business Structure Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. The Definitive Guide for Selecting a Food Service Provider for Your Company Cafeteria. Business Purpose and Justifications April Slide 2. 2 Business & Travel Expense Policy Purpose and Justification These are examples of both poor and good purposes for expense reports using the business expense template. In these examples, we are using a generic purpose because there are Business Expense Justification Examples.

The writer may then also include an estimate of increased revenue from new customers. If you can find facts or conduct research to back up your claims, these can be helpful. However, you do not usually need to spend more than a paragraph on each positive outcome.

Be as specific as you can in those three or four sentences. Weigh the Risks No business decision is completely without risk. As uncomfortable as it can be to consider the possible downsides of expanding or starting a company, it's important to give this portion of the case as much attention as the advantages.

Like in the previous section, these points can be qualitative or quantitative. Some of the risks may be unavoidable. For example, if you decide to expand into one town, you may have an opportunity cost for not investing in the alternatives. If you find a risk that is completely avoidable while you solve the problem, the justification has done part of its job.

Think through ways to mitigate or eliminate this potential downside. Assess Scope and Impact Finally, you should outline how far you want to take this project for the time being and how it will affect day-to-day operations.

Clearly explain the scope of the project or business. Although you may have big goals in your mind, keep the scope here relative to your audience.

For example, if you're only trying to gain funding to expand to one more location, limit the scope to this for the time being.Justification for using a corporate business structure In today's competitive business environment, your choice of corporate structure could affect your business' long term success.

A business entity can be structured in three ways, that being a sole trader, partnership or a company. Executive Summary. Reprint: RB. Though corporate profits are high, and the stock market is booming, most Americans are not sharing in the economic recovery.

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