Legacy gardens as a public space

This sculpture was partially funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. As part of an Art in Public Places project inFort Worth artist Stuart Gentling was one of nine artists to paint large scale murals on downtown buildings.

Legacy gardens as a public space

Ross Fair at the November 14 presentation. At the core of the event were stories. Everyone in Toronto, it seems, has a story of Maple Leaf Gardens: Attending their first hockey game, seeing The Beatles inparticipating in political rallies, or celebrating their cultural heritage. In the s Conn Smythe had a vision to create a state-of-the-art ice palace for his Maple Leafs hockey team in downtown Toronto, similar to those that other teams in the National Hockey League had built.

Archives of Ontario Construction began in June despite the worsening economy of the Great Depression. Initially, Smythe wanted to build the venue close to the waterfront but could not find property. He turned to T. Eaton Company, which had just built its new store at the corner of Yonge and College, and had land in the area to sell.

This provided added incentive to the some men employed on the project to complete it as soon as possible. To speed construction, three steam shovels excavated the site and two concrete mixing plants were set up on location.

The building was completed in five months and twelve days, using, a job that used 13, tonnes of steel, 13, cubic yards of concrete, and 1.

Blending Art Deco and Art Moderne styles, the arena featured a post-and-beam rectangular frame to support a clear span, truss structured, rectangular-domed roof.

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This provided an interior free of columns, allowing unobstructed views from all seats. The cover of the opening night programme suggested that the building would host three events in particular: As we now know, these would be only a few among the several varieties of events that the building would host over the course of its history.

That said, Maple Leaf Gardens was first and foremost home to the boys in blue and white. A new home did not bring immediate success; the first decade in the building was a roller coaster for the Maple Leafs, and they celebrated only one Stanley Cup victory.

The rosters were filled with Leafs legends, and Toronto fans celebrated Stanley Cup victories on six occasions. It was not until the Punch Imlach years of the s that the team could repeat the same success, when Frank Mahovlich, Johnny Bower, and Tim Horton became household names.

The decade saw four Stanley Cups for the franchise, including their victory — the last time Maple Leaf Gardens would be home to the reigning NHL champions. It opened its doors to many levels of hockey, including local high schools, universities, Olympic exhibition games, and international series.

Likewise, those who could not make a Leafs game were seen in the stands on a Sunday afternoon, watching the feeder team from the Ontario Hockey Association, the Toronto Marlboros, which was known to groom young men toward becoming professional stars. Wrestling match, Watson v.

Even in its early years of operation Maple Leaf Gardens hosted a variety of amateur and professional sporting events that showcased the best of local talent. Wrestling was the second-most booked event at the Gardens. Whipper Billy Watson, The Sheik, and others become fan favourites due to their regularly scheduled fights and their championship title matches.

Boxing matches were also a feature at the Gardens, most notably the championship bout in between Muhammed Ali and local hero George Chuvalo. Indoor track and field meets became an annual event for twenty-five years, beginning inand thousands came to the Gardens to watch basketball, tennis, bicycle races, figure skating, lacrosse, roller derby, gymnastics, curling, soccer, and even an equestrian event.

From the moment Maple Leaf Gardens opened, its annual schedule of events featured an increasing number of concerts. Orchestras, jazz bands, and dances in the s and s were opportunities for people to forget, however briefly, about the depressed economy and the world war. For decades, Maple Leaf Gardens remained the largest indoor venue in Toronto, thus opera, ballet and circus performances filled the arena in the s and early s.

Elvis Presley speaks to journalists following his show. The following year, Elvis played the Gardens in his first concert outside of the United States. The Beatles played here on all three of their North American tours — in, and When a Canadian rock concert promoter gained exclusive rights to the venue in s, every major rock tour played the venue.

Their shows reflected the increasingly diverse population of the city. Though Maple Leaf Gardens was initially built for sporting events, its large seating capacity and public address system soon attracted bookings for all sorts of gatherings.

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Torontonians came to hear Winston Churchill speak in Three years later, political parties across the spectrum held rallies at the Gardens as part of the Canadian federal election campaign.

Many other rallies would follow at both the federal and provincial level. During the war years, the doors were open to recruiting rallies, benefits to raise money for the effort and veterans, charity bingos, and dances for those who wanted a night of reprieve from the global turmoil.

Religious events were some of the earliest to be booked at the venue and drew some of the largest crowds.Therapeutic Gardens: Design for Healing Spaces [Daniel Winterbottom, Amy Wagenfeld] on grupobittia.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “For those who believe in the healing power of nature, or those who are interested in the history of therapeutic garden design and philosophies.

Learn more about all the popular attractions and things to do on vacation in close proximity to the multiple locations of Legacy Vacation Resorts. AS Indonesia gears up to hold the Asian Games next month for the first time since , its organisers say the event will leave a legacy of green space, improved infrastructure and greater skills.

The space is also used to host events and has direct access to the Legacy Gardens. The first phase of the Gardens project was completed in the Fall of The second phase added plantings, walkways and structures and was completed in , and we continue to add new features each year.

Because plants convert CO2 (a greenhouse gas) into oxygen, gardens combat global warming. Right? Isn’t this, as Sherlock Holmes would say, elementary? So why then is the mayor of a major coastal. Public gardens help us understand our relationship to the natural world.

Legacy gardens as a public space

Each place has its own story to tell. We are committed to preserving and showcasing our natural heritage—we celebrate the legacy of gardens as places of learning, beauty, respite, enjoyment and environmental stewardship.

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