Littering thesis statements

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Littering thesis statements

Littering thesis statements

February 12, by Liz 45 Comments Ideas for an opinion essay Littering in cities is an increasing problem which needs to be dealt with.

Some people think that steeper fines is the best way to deal with the problem. To what extent do you agree? When you analyse a statement for an opinion essay, it is useful to ask yourself different questions regarding the topic.

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Think about the questions below and then decide your answer. Questions for Analysis What is littering? Answer Dropping waste on the ground or in the streets rather than disposing of it correctly by putting it in the bin.

Why do people litter? It is already an offence to throw litter in the streets so why do people continue to do it?

Answer Most people know it is wrong but they do it because they know they will not be caught. Would having a bigger fine stop them? Answer It is possible that a heavy fine might deter them but only if it is likely they will be caught and the fine imposed.

Is having a bigger fine the best way to stop littering? Are there other ways to stop littering? Answer Yes, one way is to put more bins in the streets so that people will use them rather than throw their litter on the floor.

Educating children from a young age to dispose of their litter correctly is another way. Some people think that having more police on the streets would be a good deterrent because people will be less likely to attempt to litter the streets.

Now use your ideas and form them into an essay format.

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That means you should have two or three main ideas which are divided into two or three body paragraphs. Can you write the introduction and conclusion for the model essay below?

Having bigger fines is certainly one way to tackle the issue of littering. Increasing the fines will make people take littering more seriously. At present, many people litter the streets because they do not consider this to be a serious offence and for the convenience but by imposing a considerable penalty, people will think twice before they litter.

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However, the best way to deal with the problem of littering would be a long-term solution involving educating the younger generation. Littering is common due to the fact that many people are not fully aware of the environmental and health impacts that it has.

By raising awareness and building a habit of disposing of waste correctly, this problem can be eradicated in coming generations. The reason being that the majority of people littering the streets do so because there are no bins available to put their waste in and they do not wish to carry their rubbish with them until they find a bin.

By having more bins available, it would not only be more convenient for people to dispose of their waste properly but it would also act as a reminder for them to do so.Jan 06,  · How To Talk In English With Students - PART 18 - CLASSROOM ENGLISH FOR TEACHERS AND STUDENTS - Duration: Learn English With Cherry , views.

Speech of Littering Essay. Words Jun 3rd, 3 Pages. Show More. Central Idea/ Thesis statement: There are several benefits of laughter in terms of physical, mental and social.

Littering thesis statements

Introduction 1. Attention Material How we can improve our health without having a drug or doing an exercise every day? While it hears seem impossible, . Thesis Statements.

Tips for constructing a thesis: For now, limit your thesis statements to a single focused sentence for practice. Sample Thesis. Increased littering on our campus demands that we provide additional trash and recycling receptacles. Focuses on a particular audience.

The broken windows theory is a criminological theory that visible signs of crime, anti-social behavior, and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further . Anti-littering laws should be strongly enforced in order to remind people that a clean environment begins with personal responsibility.

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