Lufthansa ethics

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Lufthansa ethics

Cashflow The offices are positioned in Deutz, Cologne and main operations are based in Frankfurt. The transport volume was about 1. Those figures make possible the Lufthansa Cargo to be in the forefront of companies engaged in the transport of air cargo.

Till now there are people worldwide that work for this company. However times changed and it become very important transportation method. Although, it developed with high steps the seventies announced two oil crises, which resulted in a huge economy decline.

Lufthansa Group found it very difficult to gain with that kind of crisis. However, the engineers applied methods to reduce fuel consumption and succeed. Since till crises of aviation industry occurred. The 50th anniversary of Lufthansa took place in The Lufthansa Aviation Centre became an architectural flagship.

In addition, it becomes partner of Star Alliance. The competitors to Lufthansa Technic are on the one hand the original equipment manufacturers OEMs of aircraft, engines and components.

They are joined by other airlines that offer maintenance services, such as Air France-KLM, as well as independent contractors e.

Lufthansa Lufthansa ethics quickly introduced programs to counteract this, by making capacities more flexible, cutting costs and increasing efficiency. The cost advantages of emerging economies are responsible for continued price decline and thus a trend towards shifting certain activities abroad.

Combined solutions like those already offered by Lufthansa Systems in the airline sector are also becoming progressively significant. Under these conditions competitive cost structures and the ability to invest in new technological developments are the key success factors.

However, the industry is fragmented because the price competition is severe. Concentration The main business for Lufthansa Group is the transportation of passengers.

Lufthansa ethics

The company concentrates its activities into five strategic business segments: The three pillars on which the company resets its growth strategy are: This expansion is achieved through the centers in Frankfurt, Munich etc, in interest of cost efficiency.

The key role is played by Star Alliance, which opened new market.

UA&P-Out of Place: Flying High with Lufthansa

By offering customers time-definite transport service, it is ranked among the largest cargo carries company. The Lufthansa Cargo activities cover these three segments: Pro service b- The express segment with td. Flash c- Specials segment with four competence centers It also operates in the airport-to-airport business, serving almost destinations worldwide.

Lufthansa Technik Group is an independent provider of airplanes technical services. Its portfolio includes the service of maintenance, repair, overhaul, all modifications and the components for commercial passenger planes.

Due to innovations it is possible to low the costs and increase efficiency. The group is well-prepared for everything and challenge caused by their competitors. The group is made with companies around the world. Its products and services covers airline catering, in-flight service, airport services, etc.

It has been achieved according to these strategies: About people are employed in this segment business. Lufthansa Systems offer solutions for industries and operators. Their products provide added value for its customers in terms of efficiency.

The IT solutions address all the business processes of an airline-from the passengers to the operations. They make possible for customers to optimize the business processes quickly. Long-term project experience is the base for the continuously expansion of this segment. Substitute products Lufthansa as a company operating in the airlines industry has to consider the threat of substitute products.

The availability of substitute products in this industry depends on the routes of the flights.Andreas Britz has more than 28 years of aviation experience and is a leading aircraft management expert with a strong background in maintenance and interior management at one of the world's leading private and business aircraft completion centers.

Lufthansa wins the prize of being the nastiest airline in existence and one that selects passengers to harass based on the prejudice mentality of this German run airline. View more Helpful/5().

Ethics and compliance We understand that our reputation is judged by how we act. This is why our core values emphasise the importance of doing business with integrity and taking responsibility to do what is right and ethical at all times.

Ethics in the business world and in our personal lives means making better choices by considering the rights and well-being of others that may be affected by our decisions.

Lufthansa Group. The offices are positioned in Deutz, Cologne and main operations are based in Frankfurt. About 2. 8 billion euro was announced for the revenues. The transport volume was about 1. 8 million tons of cargo and also 8. 9 billion revenues were from ton-kilometers.

Those figures make possible the Lufthansa Cargo to be in [ ]. Lufthansa Case Solution,Lufthansa Case Analysis, Lufthansa Case Study Solution, Background & Issues Involved A contract was signed by the national airline of Germany in order to purchase around 20 Boeing jets in the.

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