Manuscript editing services cost

Will I be able to talk to someone over the phone about my project? If you have questions about our program and have not yet placed an order, please call Once you have placed your order, you will be provided an email address to reach our staff editor with any questions about the status of your project.

Manuscript editing services cost

Rewriting a manuscript is a specialty! You sent off your completed book manuscript in hopes of hearing shouts of joy. Instead, you were told it needs a rewrite. Ghostwriters Central is here to help.

Call us toll-free at 10am to 6pm Pacific Time. Or text us anytime to We can provide you with a cost estimate and approximate turnaround time. Vladimir Nabokov wrote that spontaneous eloquence seemed like a miracle and that he rewrote every word he ever published, and often several times.

And Mark Strand, former poet laureate, says that each of his poems sometimes goes through 40 to 50 drafts before it is finished. Tiberghien, One Year to a Writing Life: The lesson here is: You may need 40 rewrites.

Or maybe only one. When do you know your book manuscript needs a rewrite? Friends and family find the story disjointed, boring or confusing. Your publisher says it needs a rewrite. Your agent says it needs a rewrite.

Of course, we will be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect you. The one who performs the rewrite needs to have the skill of a renowned writer and the critical judgment of a crusty, ruthless editor. We will consult with you to get your thoughts on the story, where you think the problems are, and the end results you seek.

And then we will perform our own analysis, which will include noting where the problems are, and then restructure the text as necessary to solve the problems. Oftentimes, a fresh pair of eyes are needed to improve the work. This is because those eyes are not emotionally invested in your draft.

What is the overarching story? How does each element plug into that story? Will deleting some element improve the story or its flow? Will an element need to be rephrased? The one doing the rewrite needs to keep sharp eyes on the prize. The goal is to improve the overall story, bring it to a high polish, keep it entertaining, and make it flow effortlessly.

Are there dead spots?

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You do not want to bore the reader. The right person will assure the individual elements are subordinate to the story and contribute to the story in a useful way.

Usually, we describe a rewrite as a sentence-by-sentence restructuring. But not every sentence, or paragraph, or page, needs to be touched.

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But we will examine every single sentence for suitability. Writer Justine Larbalestier points out there are two kinds of rewriting: Most beginner writers get caught up in sentence level changes. The result is lots of shifting around of deck chairs while the Titanic sinks.

You will find the pricing information on our ghostwriting rates page. Experienced pro writers available on a wide variety of subjects for books, screenplays, speeches, etc.

We work strictly as a writing and editing company, and strictly on a service basis. We offer no publishing, talent agency, talent management, talent referral, or talent counseling, training, or listing services.

We never do any writing or editing work for deferred pay or royalties. Please see our rates for more detail.ProofreadingPal is your source for professional business, resume, academic, student, essay, and book/manuscript proofreading services, 24 hours a day, days a year.

At ProofreadingPal, we use a two-proofreader model. Journal on Web is an online manuscript processing system which allows you to submit articles and track their progress up to the proof stage.

This secure and easy to use service streamlines the uploading, reviewing and editing of medical manuscripts.

Standard Full Service Copy Editing

A copy edit will ensure your text is polished to publishing-industry standards, affording you the same level of professional presentation as a traditionally published book (see our quality guarantee).The editor will carefully read your manuscript to identify and correct any errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Learn more about my menu of services, below, or create your own custom package of manuscript critique, novel editing, query letter editing, and more. Minute Phone Consultation Even if you don't have a complete project, you can still pick my brain about your story concept or the publishing industry.

Book rewrite & revision services: Rewriting a manuscript is a specialty!

manuscript editing services cost

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