Motivation and traditional theories

Andragogy refers to a theory of adult learning that details some of the ways in which adults learn differently than children. For example, adults tend to be more self-directed, internally motivated, and ready to learn. Teachers can draw on concepts of andragogy to increase the effectiveness of their adult education classes. Malcom Shepherd Knowles Keywords:

Motivation and traditional theories

By jim carroll 29th Jan By JShenton 27th Jan There are many factors that can motivate people if they want to be motivated. Motivation is more a condition that can exist if and when a person is in a frame of mind to consider that a factor or factors are relevant to them at a point in time.

Money will be a condition that might make someone work harder, without necessarily motivating them.

Three types of motivational theory can be seen in different organization. The theories are: Maslow’s hierarchy theory, Herzberg’s theory and vroom’s theory. Maslow’s theory indicates that where motivation fulfills the demand and needs of an employee. Maslow discovered the theory in Contemporary theories of Motivation in Organizational Leadership and Behavior Motivation was taken from the Latin word 'move' for the first time. Motivation is the why of behavior. In other words, all human behaviors are stimulated by a motivation or need. Contemporary theories of motivation Hierarchy of Needs Theory. Traditional Motivation Theories It is a widely accepted premise that retention and productivity of workers is a function of how well the individual is motivated. The research and findings of Herzberg and Maslow are the cornerstone of much of the work in the field of human motivation.

Working conditions, management styles, training,work place conditions, rules and regulations, opportunities, security,teamwork, expertise,being in a job that has real meaning, all of these create conditions that make people happier to work beyond a level of "just turning up".

Having created an objective measure of many of these conditions and tested them over time with individuals, it has become clear that motivation shift can occur very quickly.

Motivation and traditional theories

When a manager makes an assumption that to motivate a salesperson for example you need to reward them with more money, they are very often wrong. The reason - because they already had more money than they needed to survive. Short cuts to motivation do not exist and are not one off excercises - good management takes the time to understand individuals and treats them according to their needs.Motivation and Traditional Theories Essay „No bees no honey, no work no money,“ says one old proverb - Motivation and Traditional Theories Essay introduction.

On one hand it is absolutely true, on the other we have to ask ourselves: Do we really work just for honey?


By Martin E. P. Seligman and Ed Royzman July There are, in our view, three types of traditional theories of happiness. Which one you believe has implications for how you lead your life, raise your child, or even cast your vote.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec In this dissertation paper I am going to provide a definition of motivation, describe and explain the differences between current and traditional approaches to motivation and identify and describe all motivation theories including content, process and reinforcement theories.

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3 years ago • Learning Theories & Models, Motivation Theories • 0 Summary: Grit is a quality that learners have that enables them to persevere while facing struggles and obstacles. This can help the learners attain success because they don’t give up until they reach their goals.

Behavioral psychologists have developed various theories about motivation in an attempt to better understand and control human behavior. A basic understanding of three major motivation theories helps us to see how motivation . The motivation theories we cover in this chapter are likely to be culturally bound because they were developed by Western researchers and the majority of the research supporting each theory was conducted on Western subjects.

Motivation Theories: Top 8 Theories of Motivation – Explained!