Pete rose should be allowed into

The setting was Harvard Law School where live for 2 hours, the topic that would be argued was if Pete Rose should be allowed into the baseball hall of fame after betting on baseball.

Pete rose should be allowed into

Then, he will finally be forgotten. Otherwise, like Shoeless Joe Jackson, he will never die. No one is alive today who knows exactly what happened in the World Series dive by the White Sox. But the illiterate star of the team has been seen as a victim by many for his permanent banishment from major league baseball for being in on the conspiracy.

The legend of Jackson persists, if not grows. But Pete Rose ought to be put to rest, the sooner the better.

Pete Rose inducted into Reds Hall of Fame |

As we all know now, by his own admittance, he bet on games when he was manager of the Reds. And that he bet on his own team. This can be forgiven on one condition: That is the serious breach to the integrity of the game.

Although Rose denies it and he has no credibility anywaythere is no way to know the degree to which his gambling interests affected his managing decisions, whether consciously or unconsciously. For most of these years, however, I thought Rose still deserved to get into the Hall of Fame for what he did as a player.


But his misconduct was as a manager, after his playing days were over. I thought he should be honored as one of the all-time greats for what he did as a player. Ultimately, this is the Baseball Hall of Fame. Not Hall of the Best. Not Hall of the Toughest Competitors.

He will always be an integral part of the Big Red Machine and that rare Phillies championship.

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I think, yards in 14 games. Many who have not swung a bat in a major league game: The tremendous good Rose did for the sport as a player made him famous. His desire to gamble, even on baseball games, even as a manager of a baseball team, is not, in reality, his biggest crime against the game.

He has provided no reason why he should be taken off of it. I finally get it.

The Hall of Fame honors the greatest ambassadors of the sport of Major League Baseball, the people whose net contributions to the game are overwhelmingly positive.

The tremendous good Pete Rose gave to the game is outweighed, not just by his unethical behavior as a manager, but his own inability to own up to and apologize for that behavior for all of these years.

Pete Rose is a distraction to Baseball, an embarrassment. Rose has not, in any way, shape, or form, advanced the best interest of baseball, but has provided, through his own will and intention over the last fifteen years, the exact opposite. Most Hall of Fame elections are now distracted by the very real presence, but official non-presence, of Pete Rose.

Rose has harmed the game more in the last 17 seasons to a far greater extent than he helped it in the his 24 previous years as a player. Nor is it Pete Rose the gambling-addicted manager who gets into the Hall of fame.

Nor is it Pete Rose the two-faced, lying, autograph-selling, money-grubber who gets into the Hall of Fame. It is Pete Rose, the ambassador of baseball, who gets in, or not.Watch video · Goose Gossage, Tommy Lasorda: Keep Pete Rose out of baseball Hall of Famers Goose Gossage and Tommy Lasorda agree: Pete Rose should not be allowed back into baseball.

Aug 13,  · I hate to say that I think Pete Rose should never be allowed into the HOF. I think he was one of the greatest to play the game and I'd show future players the way he played, he left everything he had between the lines every day. Controversial Debate Whether Or Not Baseball Legend Pete Rose Should Be Allowed Into the Baseballl Hall Of Fame.

Controversial Debate Whether Or Not Baseball Legend Pete Rose Should Be Allowed Into the Baseballl Hall Of Fame. Create Explore Learn & support. Get started. Log in. Pricing. Get started. Log in My Prezis Explore. During a conversation with Indystar, a current Hall of Famer says that his former teammate, Pete Rose should be allowed in the Hall of Fame.

One of the biggest questions out there since Rob. Apr 03,  · Most baseball fans nationwide believe Cincinnati Reds great Pete Rose deserves to be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Fans aren’t so forgiving .

Pete rose should be allowed into

Since Rose's banishment, an ongoing debate has been sparked: should Pete Rose be eligible for entry into the Hall of Fame? The question is remarkably complex, yet there exists an answer.

Pete Rose deserves to be recognized in Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame.

Should Pete Rose be admitted into the Baseball Hall of Fame?