Production of fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites

Tailored Blank Line with Fiberforge and Fibercon High-volume production of tailored fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites Fiberforge - the fastest tape laying system in the world The optimal solution for large-scale production of locally reinforced thermoplastic components Fiberforge produces tape layups from continuous-fiber-reinforced glass fiber or carbon fiber tapes that correspond closely to the final contour. A layup cycle lasts one second, during which up to two tapes are placed according to a defined pattern. The tapes consist of glass, carbon and natural fibers on a thermoplastic matrix base, and are rolled on as many as four coils. Capable of large-scale production, Fibercon consolidates tape layups that have been produced on Fiberforge into high-quality laminates that correspond closely to the final contour.

Production of fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites

Production of fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites

As a strong alliance, we define joint activities and generate new business by exchanging pre-competitive information between all relevant players along the value chain.

The close connection to the broad research centers of the AZL network facilitates direct initialization of development projects. Follow-up projects on the correlation of morphology and mechanical properties of thermoplastic FRP laminates are currently under discussion. The project started in June with 12 involved partner companies.

The AZL forms an international lightweight network of 9 institutes on the RWTH Aachen Campus and more than 70 international companies involved in lightweight production. Learn more… business platforms your entry into mass production lightweight technologies coming soon This business platform provides you with information on thermoplastic composites as well as established suppliers and innovative development partners along the whole value chain.

We are a group of leading companies active in thermoplastic composites with a broad experience and product range. Find more lightweight business partners at our other business platforms. Besides our individual services, we support you with:Previous research has demonstrated that production of natural fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (NFRTCs) utilizing bacterially-derived pure polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) does not yield a product that is cost competitive with synthetic plastic-based NFRTCs.

Development of cost-effective manufacturing processes for long and continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic products comprising low weight and improved material properties.

Volume production with thermoplastic composites A summary of this project can be found here.

Production of fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites

ThermoPlastic composites Application Center. We can produce co-extruded profiles that incorporate the performance advantages of long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites with continuous fiber reinforcement to create tailored materials with strategic reinforcement capable of meeting demanding application requirements.

Non-traditional Composites Manufacturing — Arevo’s DED process reportedly enables production of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite parts at ¼ the cost of traditional composites. (Calculations based on 1m sized part.). Long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites possess many unique capabilities that translate into desirable product benefits.

These, alone or in combination, can provide meaningful motivation to utilize long fiber composites in a broad spectrum of applications. Production of natural fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites through the use of polyhydroxybutyrate-rich biomass.

Carbon Thermoplastic Composites Market Worth $ Billion By