Remember the titans theme essays

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Remember the titans theme essays

I wanted to pick a film that I had never seen before and one that had a great message. I was told Remember the titans theme essays Remember the Titans was a great film and I heard right. The movie was based on a true story in Alexandria, Virginia during a time when the world was living in segregation.

This was a time when the mixing of races was unheard of. Triple A Football was a way of life in Virginia and the story tells of a teams struggle to overcome their differences and conquer their sport. This film delivered a powerful message of leadership and sacrifices with a football theme.

The movie centers around the season of the T. Williams Titan high school football team. The Titan football team, who was lead by Coach Bill Yoast, was an all white team that held many championship titles. Coach Yoast ran a very successful team and was nominated to the high school hall of fame that same year.

In the year ofT. Williams was one of the only schools in Virginia that was intergraded. From the first news that the school would be intergraded, the current players of Titan football team were concerned that they would lose their position to a black player.

Remember the titans theme essays

The whole town was in a complete up roar. Some people in the community were open mined and some just rejected the whole idea of integration. The Titans had more to worry about than playing football, they had to learn to trust and accept one another as equals.

The school board had hired Coach Herman Boone as the head coach for another school in the district, an all black school, but decided to use him as a role model and placed him as the head coach of the Titans.

Coach Boone was aware that he was being placed as head coach, because he was going to give the black community something to appreciate.

This obviously did not go over well with Coach Yoast. Coach Boone understood how Coach Yoast felt having been in his situation many times before. Coach Boone offered offer Yoast a chance to stay and coach along side him.

Coach Boone made the offer and Coach Yoast only saw it as working under him, not with him. The day of the first football meeting, Coach Yoast showed up unannounced with the entire white Titan team. This was the first time you would see the separation of the two races and the first time you would witness Coach Yoast undermine Coach Boone.

Coach Boone had arranged a camp for the team as a test of their strength on and off the field. Before they had even left the school grounds, each player was forced to sit next to someone of an opposite race and that person would be their roommate.

This act of leadership was a test to the players on how they would react to the integration and force them to get to know their teammates regardless of race. The camp was designed to test their physical and mental endurance.

Both coaches were aware that in order to be successful on the field, they would need the team to come together as one.

Remember the Titans - Research Paper

Coach Boone stated that he would never turn down anyone who wanted to play for him. He made it clear that everyone will have a chance and the better person would play regardless of color. As for Coach Yoast, Coach Boone made it very clear that he did not need his help with the offense.

Coach Yoast was to concentrate on the defense and leave all of the offensive plays to Coach Boone. This scene showed that Coach Boone was not willing to accept help or suggestions from his new assistant coach.

During the camp, Coach Boone realized that he would need to do more than have each player with a roommate of a different race.

Remember the titans theme essays

He needed them to come together and sharing a room was not enough to get them on the same page. When using Louie Lastik as an example of getting to know your roommate, Coach Boone showed his caring side for the first time. Through out the film up to this point you only see the disciplinarian side of Coach Boone.Una voce poco fa analysis essay the titans, reveals the titans theme essays on remember the titans.

One of quality sample essay remember the titans. We will analyze the titans had a . Remember The Titans Essay In the movie "Remember the Titans" by "Boaz Yakin" the character Herman Boone, played by "Denzel Washington", is faced by a difficult challenge that is . The themes explored in ‘Remember the Titans’ are strength, unity, courage, brotherhood, pride, trust, over-coming racism, friendship, team bonding, over-coming adversity and change.

Remember the Titans Essay

Each character in the film each had to experience each one of these themes, bettering themselves. "Remember the Titans" is one of the most thrilling movies on the theme of racial integration, perhaps because it is based on a true story, or because it is the story of a football team called the Titans who were not only perfect in every aspect of the game, but did not let anything come between them as a team.3/5(1).

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Most all movies, as in most of all things or behaviors in life, depict social psychology. In movies, whether they are depicting racism, prosocial behavior, altruism, or even aggression, there is a fundamental theme or life lesson to be learned. The movie Remember the Titans, deals with the issue of /5(11).

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