Shells communication plan essay

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Shells communication plan essay

BP and Shell are competitors and market and sell their products direct to consumers via service stations setup worldwide. However when it comes to the United Kingdom UK market they came together and had an agency agreement drawn up.

Corporate governance policies act as guidelines as to how the company should be directed and controlled.

Directors must ensures that they fulfil the stated goals and objectives in a manner that adds to the value of the company in both short and long term.

Stakeholders in this case would include everyone that has an interest in the company these may includes governments, board of directors, staff, management, shareholders, customers, and society. Corporate social responsibility CSR or corporate citizenship, refers to companies taking initiative to assess and take responsibility for their impact on society and the environment BP.

In recent years CSR is becoming increasingly important to the competitiveness of the company Badenhorst-Weiss, et al.

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CSR is basically voluntary effort made by a company to go beyond the requirement of regulation and environmental agencies. It can bring benefits in the long-run, but cost of operation is increased in the short-run.

For this reason there is a direct conflict with the duties of directors to increase share holder wealth. Being in the gas and oil industry comes with a lot of risks and challenges and Shell being a large player has a fair share of issues that has a direct influences on their corporate governance and corporate social responsibilities.

The Inherent risk in this industry as identified by Ernst and Young, Below is a diagrammatic representation of issues and challenges facing Shell and others within the industry.

Source Ernst and Young, a Shell and Earth Watch have a strategic alliance partner and has been working together for the last five years funding research as part of their global corporate social responsibilities Earthwatch, However due to difficult weather and other safety issues this project is on paused, pending review but still included in the long term plan for future development Smith, BP believes that all large companies should play a part in good corporate citizenship as the environment they operates is very volatile BP.

Although risk and risk assessment is high in the oil and gas industry, mitigating these risk is a corporate governance challenge and issue. BP uses very highly experience personnel in various field to overcome these challenges.

Mr Carl-Henric Svanberg believes that strong corporate navigation and direction should come from the top hence BP strong corporate governance and social responsibilities steps are documented BP. Leadership is mainly about accepting full responsibility for the consequences of all your decisions, and all your actions.

Leadership is about putting your own personal beliefs aside to achieved the mission and goals of the company. Leaders must seen to portray a sense of calm in times of crisis and be able inspire and motivate the management teams to accomplish organisational goal, value and objectives.

Bp Board Consists of mainly men and an average age of sixty one years BP. COM,this is a corporate governance issue as board diversity is failing and filling the gap Carl-Henric Svanberg is finding it very difficult. However there is also an issue of succession planning looming at BP, Carl is doing a great job, however, who will fill his shoes Navarro, Operations in the Nigerian Delta is considered to be the most challenging environment for Shell.

The reasons for this is because of theftsabotages and illegal refinery of crude oil. Involvements from government, communities and civil group is needed to improve performance and to make the operations more effective Global, There is high risk on operational effectiveness despite spending over five billion dollars us Smith, Operations performance is zero and effectiveness has been call into question and deferred into the future.

Cross Cultural Communication- Royal Dutch Shell’s Approach Essay Free Essay

Oil and Gas activities present a challenge when doing upstream business with other partner the fact is that revenue reorganisation is hard to ascertained, and operational efficiency can be over lift or under lift i.

Exploration tie up large amount of resources and the return is not guarantee hence the challenge in improving performance and operational effectiveness becomes difficult Bob Dudley, BP Board in order to improve operational effectiveness and performance use site visits and site briefings to fully understands the business.

Shells communication plan essay

Non- Executive must visits as least one site per year to enable them to be effective in their post BP, Risk management plays an important roll in the management of BP global operations, these risk creates challenges in operations and performance.

BP ten point plan on risk management, helps delivered performance on geopolitical issues around the globe BP, Deepwater Horizon oil spill is still creating challenges for BP, however in recent in recent months BP has won bids to continue to exploration Toor, By having documented process they are able to identify challenges that affect performances and challenges that affect operationshence it's a continuous improvement process BP.

The process is very straight forward, you find a job online via their current vacancies or via shell talent community and apply for it. You check your application status online, next step is interview and then assessment shell.

The culture of inclusive gives employees a greater sense of involvement and they are motivated to achieved their own goal at the same time achieving shell objectives of retaining staff.Through their professional activity, managers play an important role in society (Brooks, ), cultural intelligence is the term which leaders need to mould their plan in an environment apart from his/her own.

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Table of contents Introduction Business plan A business plan is essential tool of communication, it aids in the management of the organisation acting as a road map to the objective of the business. The business plan can help the business by guiding and manifesting to the interested parties what danger is a head and call for management action.

Communication Management Plan Essay. Change Management and Communication Plan MGT July 29, Change Management and Communication Plan A need for change has been identified in Riordan Manufacturing and implementing that change requires careful steps and considerations.

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