Teen girls

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Teen girls

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. How social media affects the teenage brain Researchers at UCLA's Brain Mapping Center found that when teenagers' photos get lots of "likes" on social media apps, such as Instagram, their brains respond in a similar way to seeing loved ones or winning money.

Hide Caption 1 of 7 Photos: How social media affects the teenage brain Thirty-two teenagers took part in the experiment, with brain scans showing how their nucleus accumbens -- the part of their brain linked to rewards -- became especially active.

Hide Caption 2 of 7 Photos: How social media affects the teenage brain Being appreciated on social media, through "likes," was seen in brain scans to activate the reward centers of the brain, pictured.

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Hide Caption 3 of 7 Photos: How social media affects the teenage brain Reward circuitry is thought to be particularly sensitive during adolescence, which may partly explain why teenagers are such avid social media users. Hide Caption 4 of 7 Photos: How social media affects the teenage brain The teenagers were shown a bespoke version of Instagram during the experiment where the "likes" they saw weren't given by their peers, but instead assigned by the research team.

Hide Caption 5 of 7 Photos: How social media affects the teenage brain The teens were shown "neutral" photos showing things like food and friends, and "risky" photos depicting cigarettes and alcohol, pictured.

The study found that teens were more likely to "like" popular photos, regardless of the type of image. Hide Caption 6 of 7 Photos: How social media affects the teenage brain While social media has the potential to influence teenagers in good ways, it's important for parents to be aware of who their teens are interacting with online, says Lauren Sherman, lead author of the study.

Hide Caption 7 of 7 CNN Though social media can be a helpful tool for teenagers to learn and connect with friends, experts have long warned that too much Snapchatting or Instagramming can come with downsides. There appears to be a connection between social media use and depressive symptoms in year-olds, and that connection may be much stronger for girls than boys, according to a study published in the journal EClinicalMedicine on Thursday.

Teen girls

What's the average age when kids get a social media account? Read More Yet the study, conducted in the UK, showed only an association between social media use and symptoms of depression, which can include feelings of unhappiness, restlessness or loneliness.

The findings cannot prove that frequent social media use caused depressive symptoms, or vice versa. The study also described other factors, such as lack of sleep and cyberbullying, that could help explain this association.

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Explanations for the gender gap For the study, researchers analyzed data on 10, year-olds who were born between and in the United Kingdom.

The data, which came from the UK Millennium Cohort Studyincluded information from questionnaires on the teens' depressive symptoms and social media use. Depressive symptoms were recorded as scores, and the researchers looked at which teens had high or low scores.

They found that on average, girls had higher depressive symptom scores compared with boys. The researchers also found that girls reported more social media use than boys; This might be why depression is rising among teen girls When examining differences between girls and boys who spend the same amount of time on social media, the researchers found the stronger association between social media use and depressive symptoms for girls.

We looked at sleeping habits; experiences online, so cyberbullying; how they thought about their bodies, or their body image, and whether they were happy with how they looked; and their self-esteem," she said.

Among them, sleep and cyberbullying appeared to be the most important, Kelly said. As for the big gender difference in the data, the study did not explore any explanations, but Kelly had some ideas.

More research is needed to determine whether teens who have depressive symptoms are more likely to use social media, versus frequent social media use leading to depressive symptoms.

Also, the data in the study was self-reported from questionnaires, which runs the risk of a year-old not accurately remembering or revealing the amount of time spent playing a game or watching a video on social media.

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