Tension in eddies relationship with catherine

We begin to see the distance between them as they discuss Rodolfo and Catherine. Eddie shows his true feelings and Beatrice accuses of being jealous of Rodolfo. But Beatrice realizes that Eddie is just jealous about him.

Tension in eddies relationship with catherine

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George Hayes: Eddie's & Beatrice's Relationship

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Tension in eddies relationship with catherine

Eddie now seems jealous of Catherine and Rodolfo’s relationship, because Miller shows him waiting around for Catherine and Rodolfo to arrive back. Tension in Eddie's Relationship with Catherine in Arthur Miller's a View from the Bridge; Tension in Eddie's Relationship with Catherine in Arthur Miller's a View from the Bridge.

Words Oct 16th, Tracing the developments of Eddies obsession, show how Miller creates and builds up tension, particularly in the final part of Act 1.

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Kevin Yeary, Judge on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Firstly, through Eddie’s talk with Alfieri, we can see that he is jealous of Rodolfo’s relationship with Catherine, and his eventual loss of authority in his own house leads to anger and a desire to once again become the stereotypical alpha male.

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