The courage that my mother had essay

Vincent Millay was born in Rockland, Maine, on February 22, Her mother, Cora, raised her three daughters on her own after asking her husband to leave the family home in

The courage that my mother had essay

The tone is one of admiration, respect, and pride. The reference to New England suggests that her mother was from this area; her character was chiseled from her environment, like granite from a quarry.

In line 4, the narrator is saying that her mother has died, and that she has taken her courage with her to the grave. The reader can assume that, in actuality, the mother now rests in a New England hillside cemetery.

Rather, the diction remains simple and straightforward. The image of the golden brooch serves as a contrast to the image of rock, of granite.

Lines These lines contain a paradox. She treasures it for what it is: She loves it because it is a connection to and a tangible reminder of her mother. At the same time, the speaker could part with the piece of jewelry because it is merely a possession, however symbolic.

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It is not something from which she can truly take comfort, or which can make her a stronger person. Instead of being useful, the brooch is merely decorative. The speaker seems to recognize that while one may admire virtues in others, one cannot necessarily adopt those virtues for him or herself.

The courage that my mother had essay

She deeply grieves the loss of that trait which she so admires. Her mother is buried, and, as is implied, she is at rest. However, the speaker is still living, and she needs a guiding tool to help her through her loss.

The speaker implies that it is unjust that her mother should have taken her courage with her to the grave, since she no longer needs it, while the daughter needs it more than ever.

It is a somber commemoration. The mother is described in the past tense, implying that she is now dead; however, some of the details suggest she is still alive—at least for the poet.

The sense of loss is all the greater because the death of the mother is only hinted at in the first two stanzas. In the first two stanzas, the poet recalls her mother in a remarkably economical portrait.

The metaphor also associates the mother with a specific location and culture, evoking the steadfast, proverbial strength New Englanders are reputed to possess.

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One can almost see an old photograph of the mother in her best dress. The brooch recalls both the living mother and the fact of her death; it was the living mother who wore the piece, but the poet would not have it if her mother had not passed away. The paradox is underlined in the last lines of the second stanza.

Think of a person you know. Make a list of objects that represent their good and bad qualities. Imagine the setting in which the poet may have written this poem. What does she see around her? How do the various elements in the landscape of her home contribute to the mood of the poem?Edna St.

Vincent Millay “The Courage That My Mother Had Poem 1.A journal response is an informal response to a reading assignment. reactions to what you have read. may respond to a character, an idea, or the language the author has used.

grupobittia.coms what you have read will remind you of something that . The Courage that My Mother Had: An Analysis Edna St. Vincent Millay`s "The Courage that My Mother Had" is a confusing poem. In the first stanza, Millay associates a mother to that of a rock or granite.

The great amount of respect and admiration a child had for its mother’s courage is abundantly evident throughout Edna St. Vincent Millay’s The Courage That My Mother Had.

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Simultaneously, the poem conveys feelings of betrayal. “The Courage That My Mother Had” is Millay’s elegy to her mother. It is a somber commemoration.

Much of the poem’s tension arises from two contrasting elements: the vividness with which the poet remembers her mother, and an awareness of her death that is present from the beginning of the poem until its end.

draft words She Has Courage My mother, Christine, epitomizes the heroic quality of courage in that she grew up without a mother of her own, and now she is a single mother and she struggles on a constant basis to conquer depression.

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