The use of supernatural elements in shakespeares tempst

Thus, the supernatural is a recurring aspect in many of Mr. In two such plays, Hamlet and Macbeth, the supernatural is an integral part of the structure of the plot. It provides a catalyst for action, an insight into character, and augments the impact of many key scenes.

The use of supernatural elements in shakespeares tempst

The use of supernatural elements in shakespeares tempst

William Shakespeare hammers home the value of magic,music and submission through the use of a witch on an enchanted island. The use of Supernatural in "The Tempest" brothers: The supernatural in "The Tempest" have been used to remove the wrong-doings on the part of human beings.

There is a great difference in the use of supernatural in "The Tempest" and in all his other plays. In other plays the supernatural powers act on their own and independently -they are not subject to any potent human will.

The use of supernatural elements in shakespeares tempst

These supernatural sometimes meddle in human affairs and influence the human destiny. For example, in Macbeth ,the supernatural powers are the very principle of evil and tempt man to crime and to his doom. In "The Tempest"on the other hand,the supernatural powers are under the control of human will.

As we find Ariel doing all the bidding of Prospero who by means of his music art controls and dictates Ariel. Ariel is the spirit of air: Prospero has command over spirits-the spirit of earth,of fire and water. But these spirits are not directly employed by Prospero.

He has rather delegated some of his powers to Ariel. The spirit of earth or goblins are employed,for example to torture Caliban into submission. This is the main difference between the supernatural elements in "The Tempest" and in all Shakespeare's other plays. Ariel invites comparison with Puck.

He dances at the beck and call of a fairy king,Oberon. Ariel creates disorder to create order in human world by the orders of Prospero. Here lies the difference between Puck and Ariel.

The use of Supernatural in "The Tempest"

Ariel is controlled by a human king ,Prospero,whereas Puck is controlled by a fairy king ,Oberon. Ariel behaves as a human agency. He creates disorder in order to create order in the human world. But Puck creates disorder for the sake of fun and laughter.

Supernatural Soliciting in Shakespeare

He has got nothing to do with order in human world. That is why ,he laughs at those whom he misleads:In Shakespeare's play, The Tempest, magic is performed by Prospero and by his fairy servant Ariel throughout the play.

Sometimes it is unclear who actually performs the magic, but since the magic. In The Tempest, magic is a dazzling art form that infuses the play with a sense of wonder and a whole lot of spectacle.

(Think "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" in Disney's Fantasia, but better.) This lends itself to a concept developed throughout The Tempest—magic is a craft not unlike that of the playwright.

Although Prospero uses magic to control the natural and the supernatural worlds, the play also suggests his art . The Supernatural Elements in Shakespeare’s Plays The supernatural elements that are apparent in most of Shakespeare’s plays, significantly in Hamlet and Macbeth, which we are going to elaborate further, have their roots in the Elizabethan era and their beliefs in supernatural creatures, such as witches, ghosts and fairies/5(3).

In this media collection, students explore the use of supernatural elements within William Shakespeare’s plays, focusing particularly on Macbeth, Hamlet, and The grupobittia.comts examine.

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Blog ›› Novels ›› The Supernatural Elements in the W. Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” The Supernatural Elements in the W. Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” In this work it is necessary to consider the supernatural elements, which take a special place in the Shakespeare’s play, they complement and complicate the plot.

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