Uconn application essay

Please indicate the dates you were at each position, for instance, January — February What are your short-term and long-term career goals and how will this graduate business program help you achieve these goals?

Uconn application essay

The completed application should include: Official transcripts from each college attended sent directly from each institution Official high school transcript with date of graduation or official GED SAT or ACT scores waived if student is 21 or older; or if, at the time of application, two full-time semesters have been completed as a postsecondary student Personal essay Application fee non-refundable Please refer to admissions.

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Priority admission to the Storrs Campus is given to students who have completed two years of college prior to enrolling at the University. Students with fewer than two years are evaluated on a combination of high school and college work; i.

Students must also be in good standing and eligible to return to the last institution of higher learning which they attended. Prospective transfer students are advised that only a limited number of transfer students will be admitted to the majors of the Schools of Business, Education, Engineering, Nursing, and Pharmacy.

Students interested in one of these fields should consider other majors as alternatives; even if admitted to an alternate program, however, students cannot be guaranteed subsequent admission to their first choice of major.

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Prospective transfer students are also advised that they must fulfill all graduation requirements of their major at the University. Questions about these requirements may be directed to the Dean of their School or College after admission.

The University welcomes transfers from the Connecticut community colleges and offers programs that will facilitate transfer to designated majors within the University.

College-level work given in or under the direction of an accredited college or university as part of the armed services program will be accepted for credit on the same basis as other transfer work.

In addition, the University will consider for transfer courses completed at foreign universities and in study abroad programs sponsored by accredited American universities. The number of transfer credits students receive depends upon the character, quantity, and quality of the work they have completed.

Grades do not transfer; the grade point average of transfer students is computed only on the work taken at the University of Connecticut. Complete transcripts of all work taken at other institutions must be submitted as a part of the admission procedure whether or not credit for such work is desired or expected.

Official transcripts for any course work completed after admission to this University must be submitted as soon as this work is concluded. Consideration for transfer of course work is made according to the Transfer Guidelines for Evaluation adopted by the University Senate.

Admission of Diverse Populations Underrepresented Students The University recognizes the importance of intercultural understanding in education. To this end, the University has developed initiatives to encourage African American, Puerto Rican, Hispanic, Asian, Native American and other underrepresented students to attend this institution.

Questions should be directed to: International Students The University of Connecticut provides educational opportunities of the highest quality to all students. It makes a contribution to international education by encouraging the enrollment of students from all parts of the world.

Uconn application essay

It selects, however, only those applicants who are academically and linguistically prepared for university work in this country. Prospective international students should begin application procedures one year before intended matriculation.Skip to Navigation Skip to UConn Search Skip to Content Application for Graduate Seminar in Academic Writing; Writing Boot Camps; Writing Center Promissory Notes Graduate schools, fellowships, grants, and other competitive programs often require each applicant to submit a short essay about her history and goals.

These essays are. If you have questions concerning the application process or need more information about the UConn School of Business Executive MBA program, please contact the Main office at or via e-mail: [email protected] Apply to UConn All applications for graduate study at UConn must be submitted using our online application system.

All newly admitted students for Spring must accept admission by December 21st, The essay response is limited to 3, characters, including spaces, and will be submitted in plain text format. Anything over the 3, characters will not be included with the application.

The essay prompt is subject to change by semester. Posts about UConn application essay written by Sharon Epstein. The Common Application can be accessed through the University of Connecticut Undergraduate Admissions Office.

Uconn application essay

Apply to UConn If you have any problems or questions regarding your application, please contact the AAH Office, , [email protected] or the UConn School of Fine Arts Admissions Coordinator, Elizabeth Foody, ()

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