Walmart customer analysis

Weaknesses and threats should be secondary priorities for Walmart. Walmart can use these strengths to exploit its opportunities in the retail market. The firm can also use its strengths to counteract the threats to its business. This SWOT analysis of Walmart shows that the company can have higher long-term success potential through aggressive global expansion, especially in retail markets in developing countries.

Walmart customer analysis

In the first quarter, shopper and small business confidence was buffeted by choppy economic expectations tied to a lack of trust Walmart customer analysis government to assist in a meaningful way.

Shoppers dealt with continued economic and financial insecurity by focusing creatively on elements within their control. Shoppers are turning to Walmart to counter food and gasoline price sensitivity. Steady improvement in the job market means more jobs for veterans. Additionally, more workers with satisfactory employment lead to increased spending in key categories.

Uneven expectations cause both shoppers and small business owners to look inward for stimulation. Our survey of both the general population and of Walmart Moms indicates that positive economic expectations were highest in February, following a volatile fourth quarter, and then lowered in both March and April.

Despite the recent patchiness in overall confidence both the general population and Walmart Moms are trending higher now than one year ago. Small business owner economic expectations trended in a Walmart customer analysis way to consumers—at the highest level in February and then dropping in March and April.

Despite the lack of assurances coming from the government or the economy, some small business owners appear to be adjusting their models to better function in this uncertain economic period.

Shoppers counteract food price sensitivity by leveraging a key Walmart initiative, and fight high gas prices by DIYing.

Elements of Walmart’s Marketing Mix

Some shoppers are exhibiting sensitivity to food prices by claiming to notice increases in some categories at the store and continuing to indicate food costs is a major economic concern.

Springtime gasoline price trends bear close monitoring. In, andruns of positive Walmart Mom economic confidence was interrupted by compounding negative factors, most notably a sustained increase in gasoline prices.

An analysis over the past 5 months shows a direct relationship between the price of regular gasoline and purchases of automotive filters believed to improve fuel efficiency at Walmart.

This correlation is strongest among younger and lower income households, who are more likely to have larger portions of their discretionary income challenged by higher fuel prices. A gradually improving job market benefits veterans; happier workers mean key category spending increases can be anticipated.

The April jobs report suggests that the unemployment rate continues to improve incrementally, as the market addedjobs. The report also included better news for veterans.

Walmart’s Weaknesses (Internal Forces)

Among veterans, the jobless rate in April was significantly lower than the general population 6. We project that Walmart will hire and train more thanveterans over the next five years. An analysis of a recent study focused on three discrete groups of panelists, their employment situation, and their grocery purchasing behavior: These shoppers are also more likely to choose branded products over private label, especially in the dairy and dry grocery categories.

Walmart customer analysis

Additionally, they demonstrate a propensity to spend more in the following key grocery categories: Shoppers look to control what they can, turning toward creative and economical solutions.

Consumers are adjusting to a tighter wallet in the face of tax increases, federal furloughs and concerns over an unstable job market. For many, this means paying closer attention than ever to stretching their buying dollar and getting the best deals possible. Shoppers are putting in more time, effort and creativity to save in any ways possible.

Many are taking advantage of free community resources for entertainment, and turning their money-saving DIY projects into family activities.

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These dual-purpose deeds prove highly rewarding, as consumers feel smart for putting in the work themselves to simultaneously improve their lifestyle and better their financial situation. Top activities shoppers claim engagement in: Over the past two years, consumers have made Walmart a destination for TV series on video purchases, especially during the first quarter — at the time of spring season premiers and leading into sweeps season.Walmart - Statistics & Facts Walmart is the largest retail corporation of discount department and warehouse stores in the world.

In , the company's global net sales amassed approximately Analysis of Walmart's Customer Loyalty Base Words Feb 7th, 2 Pages For Wal-Mart, the style is providing a batter livelihood for each American through offering low-cost products than can be .

This certainly shows your concern and care for customer satisfaction and your strong understanding of what your customers expect of your company. Thank you again for your help. Analysis of Wal-Mart Stores. ID: Company analysis includes a history of Wal-Mart, a business segment analysis of the three segments Wal-Mart operates.

Nov 14,  · Some companies specialize in what is known as data enhancement, in which a customer's name and address, or a telephone number, can open the door to additional information. "If Wal-Mart had a. Customer Analysis Customer analysis is an important and critical section in the company business plan or marketing plan The analysis is using to identify the target customer, make the strategic and ascertains the needs of these customers, and specifies the product that satisfies these needs.

Analysis of Walmart's Customer Loyalty Base Words Feb 7th, 2 Pages For Wal-Mart, the style is providing a batter livelihood for each American through offering low-cost products than can be found in the market.

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