What does safety mean to me

Same as Safety touchdown, below. If you push it to the limit, safety is not guaranteed.

What does safety mean to me

What does Safety mean to you? Man y of us, myself included, use the word SAFE and unsafe in our writings and discussions. If you work in the Safety Management field, it is likely even in your job title.

Someone asked me the other day: They say it is critical for most people in deciding where they go, what they buy and what they do, consciously or unconsciously.

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Until a couple of years ago I never really thought much about it, I thought I was just doing it. If you are a Safety Manager then what are you managing if it cant be properly measured, understood or defined? Are you managing things hazardsstatistics, systems, compliance, behaviours, feelings, failures, thoughts or perceptions?

If you are a Zero Harm Manager — do you manage nothing? This article by Dr Rob Long provides some of the answers: Safety should not be about SafetyRob says: Can I just say this, if your world is just about safety, then your world is too small.

When safety is made into some bureaucratic, legal or club exercise, it has lost the plot. This is why I prefer to talk much more about risk than I do about safety. The moment you tell someone you are into safety they think you are either the fun police or some legal nerd who loves checklists.

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If safety is some engineering exercise of shifting objects to keep some system clean, then I think we have lost the plot.

If safety is about trying to memorize sections of the Act so that we can dominate and rule others, then we have lost the plot. Safety should be about none of these things. When we put learning first, people first, relationships first, respect first and living first, then we might get to the heart of safety.

Helen Keller once said something like: Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.


Someone once said to me: Is Safe something that you be — I promise to be safe — that will sound good but what does it really mean? Is safety something you take — Take safety precautions, take safety seriously?Definition of safety in the grupobittia.com dictionary.

What does safety mean to me

Meaning of safety. What does safety mean? Information and translations of safety in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Feb 25,  · Construction Work: Safety is to be safe, in a construction work there is a lot of hazards around.

OHS given (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment, to the workers to wear and have it Status: Resolved. Conversely, employees who do not exhibit a strong commitment to safety may simply have poor SafetyDNA, an issue that management must address through assessment, training, and possible disciplinary actions, or they may perceive that safety is not valued by the organization and adjust their safety performance accordingly.

Therefore, . “Safety’ has quite some history, but my definition has I Tots Of meanings. To me, safety means protecting from danger that may hurt us or endanger o r lives.

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Truck driving is, at the same time, a not-so-great job. Driving is solitary, physically inert, and psychologically exhausting. And long-haul truckers can be on the road—and away from family and. What does safety mean to me? One of the reasons I chose to continue my environmental, health and safety (EHS) career at Bostik is because of the high standard they have set for safety.

I recall discovering during the interview process that Bostik had a robust system in place for safety.

What Does Safety Commitment Mean to the Employee?